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Athletes First Training Centre is a 2000 square foot facility adjoining Enduro Sport, Canada's premier multisport pro shop. Athletes First Training Centre opened its doors in November 2001, offering a versatile approach to all therapy, coaching, training and bike fitting needs. Regardless of your level of experience and goals, Athletes First offers you the support and guidance to achieve them. Whether you enjoy physical activity for recreation, competition or fitness we offer many services to enhance your training. If you need to re-evaluate your position on your bike, prevent or rehab an injury, develop a training schedule or just train with a group, Athletes First has it all.

Athletes First Training Centre was created in Fall 2001 to provide the clients of Enduro Sport, other triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners, a one-stop shopping experience. Enduro Sport provides the products and Athletes First provides the services, all to enhance the satisfaction of our clients. An important aspect for us is the ability to provide advice, expertise and experience regarding injuries, equipment and specifically bicycle positioning.

Athletes First offers integrated solutions to customers by offering a single point of contact for all of the products and services that they purchase as part of their participation in the sport. Athletes First provides sport specialization which is emphasized in diagnosing injuries and in rehabilitating clients to their pre-injury performance level and developing programmes to prevent recurrence.

By combining the range of services available at Athletes First we are able to offer more flexibility to our clients than individual coaches. Clients will have a primary coach but will also have access to sport specialist coaches, therapists, fit technicians, nutritionists and performance testing.

Athletes First offers sport specialization, a comprehensive selection of services and an association with retail product specialists.

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