Have you been reading AthletesFirst? We would love to talk to you!

Have you been reading AthletesFirst? This blog is part of a doctoral project at the University of British Columbia. It explores how the internet is used by athletes and others to discuss topics related to disability sport (adaptive sport) and to network with other athletes. Right now I am recruiting individuals who have been reading AthletesFirst (either regularly or just once or twice) to interview about how they found the blog, their impressions of the blog and what topics they found to be the most engaging. I am also interested in asking you about your participation in other online networks particularly those associated with sport in general and disability sport in particular. Please note – you do not have to be a Paralympian or have a disability to participate! Athletes (elite and ‘occasional’), coaches, family, spectators, fans, critics are all encouraged to participate – you just have to have read the blog at least once (and since you found this page…).

The interviews can be conducted by phone or on Skype at a time convenient to you. If you live in the Greater Vancouver area let me know if you would prefer to meet in person.

For more information on the interview process and how you can get involved please contact me at ambundon@interchange.ubc.ca. You can also read more about this blog and the project here.



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