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Meet the Multisport Club Team Leaders

Nigel | Jonathon | Adam

Nigel Gray
Nigel is the Head Coach of NRG Performance Training. He develops the indoor training progammes for Athletes First. Nigel is an elite multisport athlete who has several years of coaching and personal training experience.

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Jonathon Avery
Jonathon has been involved with Triathlons for three years now, mainly on a racing level, he also coaches triathletes with various levels of experience and expertise in swim specific training. Jonathon’s background is in competitive swimming, with a total of 15 years of experience. Jonathon also coaches a high school swim team (Malvern), and does some one-on-one swim instruction for triathletes.

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Adam Fitzsimmons
Adam comes from a mountain bike background. He has always had a passion for bicycles (BMX racing as a kid), but has only really trained hard on the bike since he got involved in multisport events. Adam has also participated in a number of adventure races in the last couple of years but triathlons remain his focus. In the off-season Adam keeps in shape by participating in the odd marathon.

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