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Start Date - Monday November 1 at 6:15 am

Why Cycle Indoors?
Indoor Cycling is aerobic training on your own bike, which is attached to a trainer that provides resistance to the rear wheel. Training on your own bike allows you to maintain your cycling specific level of fitness, while gaining experience with your own gears and position in general. The focuses of the workouts are endurance training, technique and pedal stroke efficiency, among others.

Why Cycle With Us?

  • Fun and friendly atmosphere
  • Workouts developed by NRG Performance Training Head Coach Nigel Gray
  • Workouts led by Athletes First Instructor
  • Multisport specific workouts
  • Priority storage (bike & trainer) for Seasons Pass Holders
  • Showering facilities including towels, shampoo and soap
  • Music and videos
  • Energy bars, gels, Gatorade, juice and bottled water available for purchase
  • No membership required
New Rental Trainers for 2004/2005
Rent a CYCLOPS MAGNETO trainer for an extra punch on your 10 session pass card.

What You Need To Know
  • Please bring your own bike, trainer (or rent one) and cycling gear
  • Try Us Out! First session is FREE for everyone
  • Single session = $10
  • 10 session pass = $60 + GST
Seasons Pass 2004/2005
  • Nov - Apr $325 + GST
  • Dec - Apr $260 + GST
  • Jan - Apr $195 + GST
  • Feb - Apr $130 + GST
  • Mar - Apr $65 + GST
  • April is FREE for all seasons pass holders
  • Includes Bike/Trainer storage for season
  • Unlimited sessions
Morning sessions enter through Athletes First Entrance (33 Coldwater Rd)

Run Group Start Date - Saturday November 6 at 9:30am

FREE Run Group after the Saturday morning Indoor Cycling session. The run starts at 10am so bring your running shoes! Distances for all levels from 2.5k to 15k. Ride first, run second or sleep in and run at 9:30am.

No experience necessary, just an interest in keeping fit and passing the winter months by!

Meet at Enduro Sport and wear appropriate running attire for the weather.

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