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Serotta Size Cycle

  • Completely adjustable frame including seat tube, seat tube angle, top tube, head tube, crank arm length, stem length and stem angle as well as saddle and handlebar position.

  • Any frame geometry can be Ądialed-in” using the Serotta Size Cycle.
"The Size Cycle itself is an infinitely adjustable bicycle that allows you to experience an unlimited range of bicycle fits until you, your technician and the potential custom bike designers determine your proper frame and components specifications. However, before you even get on the Serotta Size Cycle, your trained and certified fit technician will gather information about you that will help us identify and address potential concerns before they become problems. Your Serotta-certified technician will measure your flexibility and interview you about your riding habits, problems with your last bike, prior injuries, and your cycling goals and aspiration. With this knowledge, together we can build you the ride of your life." Serotta Cycles

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