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Standard Fit
  • Observation of your current position
  • Use of ROM (range of motion) system to quantify body angles and position
  • Pedal technique analysis and recommendations
  • Bike changes may include:
    1. Saddle Position (height, fore/aft, tilt)
    2. Handlebar/Aerobar Position (fore/aft, lateral, rotation)
    3. Foot/Cleat Position (fore/aft, lateral, rotation)
    4. Stem Length Change (additional charge)
  • Injury Prevention information incorporated into session
AF specializes in Triathlon and Road bike positioning.

60 mins = $79.95 + GST

Advanced Options
  1. Computer Analysis + $39.95 + GST
    Incorporates a visual display of pedaling technique, power output analysis, heart rate feedback while making position adjustments.
  2. Serotta Size Cycle + $39.95 + GST
    Adjustable frame allowing any geometry to be tried, whether it be road or triathlon. The Size Cycle can be used for custom frame geometry or to find out what stock geometry is best for you.
  3. Additional 30 mins + $39.95 + GST
Mechanical Work
Minor work will be done as part of the fitting process
  • Bike Prep Included
  • Safety Check Included
*Additional work will be charged at 10% off our regular shop rates.

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