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Athletic Therapy is the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, which involve muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. An injury can be the result of training or daily activities, it can be due to a sudden impact, twist or other movement or perhaps it has developed over time due to repetitive training or work patterns. An injury can also occur «out of the blue¡, with no apparent reason. Whatever the case may be, Athletic Therapy can provide direction for your recovery. Awareness of the cause, treatment of the injury, prevention of re-injury through physical conditioning (postural re-education, stretching and strengthening) and supportive taping techniques are all part of Athletic Therapy. This approach to injury management helps decrease the likelihood of re-injury and can lead to an overall decrease in the duration of disability.

Initial Assessment

A thorough musculoskeletal and postural evaluation is taken to determine the type, severity and appropriate management of an injury. This involves general health history questions, how the injury occurred, symptoms experienced, movement analysis and special testing techniques performed by the therapist. The goal of the assessment is to determine the site and cause of the injury, enabling the development of an individual treatment plan.


Individual treatment programmes are developed to accelerate healing, enhance flexibility, balance, strength & power and to maintain or improve cardiovascular conditioning. An important aspect of the treatment programme is athlete education regarding reconditioning and injury prevention.

  • Shorts, shirt, jog bra (women), at minimum comfortable athletic attire, running shoes
  • Exercises may be given during the treatment session and can be performed at Athletes First after the treatment session
Am I Covered?

Extended Health Care plans may provide full or partial coverage depending on the health plan. Athletic Therapy may not be specified in your coverage, it may however be under another designation. It is important to ask specifically for Athletic Therapy coverage. Please check your plan to be sure.


Athletic Therapy Assessment (up to 60 min) = $70
Athletic Therapy Treatment (up to 30 min) = $40

All services include GST. Cash, Cheque, Interac, Mastercard, VISA payments are accepted. All fees must be paid at the time of the visit.

By appointment

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