A bike positioning session is your first step to comfortable and efficient cycling. We specialize in fitting triathlon and road bikes, but we can also fit you on your mountain, hybrid or touring bike. Whether it is an adjustment of your saddle, handlebars or pedals, your bike should be modified to fit you and not the other way around.

Are you thinking of buying a bike?
We can help you with the most important part of your decision: determining the optimum riding position for your goals.

Are you uncomfortable on your bike?
You don’t have to be! We can improve your comfort and make your time in the saddle more enjoyable.

Are you interested in improving your pedaling efficiency?
Our computer pedal stroke analysis allows us to “see” where the dead spots are in your pedal stroke and teach you how to eliminate them.

Do you feel as though you could get more power on your bike?
We can measure your power output and position you to optimize your power-to-effort ratio.

Do you want to improve your aerodynamics?
For time trailing and triathlon a good aero-position is essential. Our wind tunnel experience will help optimize your set-up. “Without the correct tools, training and experience, fit results can be disappointing to disastrous”